The AI Email Drafter.

Wake up to an inbox full of pre-drafted emails.

EmailTriager learns how you email and automatically drafts responses for you in the background.

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Advanced AI

The smartest AI email drafter.

Go beyond simple and robotic AI email tools. EmailTriager intelligently labels every incoming email and pre-drafts responses to those that need a reply.

Trained on you
EmailTriager trains on your past emails to create a custom AI model that actually sounds like you.
Continuously improving
EmailTriager actively gets better the more you use it. Every email you send helps it learn.
Automated triaging
EmailTriager automatically labels every incoming email so you know what needs your attention and what doesn't.

Needs Response

Emails you need to respond to (EmailTriager automatically drafts responses to these)


Important emails that don't need a response


Automated emails and updates


Other emails that don't need a response


Emails that are currently being processed

Secure and Private

Also the most secure.

EmailTriager has been verified by a Google designated third-party security auditor and is CASA Tier 2 accredited.

Not only that, we never save your emails. They are only read once to train a completely private model that only you have accesss to.

Seamless Integration

And it all happens in Gmail.

Don't worry about changing your email workflow or learning yet another tool.

EmailTriager seamlessly integrates with Gmail. Drafts show up directly in your inbox as if you wrote them yourself.

“Honestly, opening my email after an hour and seeing this (Pre-written drafts) feels like the first time I used Uber or received a Snapchat. Wild.”

- Entrepreneur

Simple Pricing

Only pay if it saves you time.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders all over the world use EmailTriager to save time on email. Try it for free and pay only if it saves you time.



Try EmailTriager for free and pay only if it saves you time.

  • Process 1000 emails a month
  • 10 Accepted Drafts
  • Custom AI Model trained on your inbox
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Unlimited drafts, unlimited time saved.

  • Unlimited Processed Emails
  • Unlimited Drafts
  • Unlimited Accepted Drafts
  • Advanced AI Model trained on your inbox
  • Dedicated support and fine-tuning
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Frequently asked questions

What should I see when EmailTriager is live?

Once EmailTriager is live, you should start to see drafts for any new email that needs a response. These drafts will show up directly in Gmail and take a little over a minute to appear.

Does EmailTriager send emails on my behalf?

No. EmailTriager will never send emails on your behalf. It only drafts responses for you to review and send.

How does training work?

During training, EmailTriager reads your past emails once and creates a Knowledge Base that contains everything it needs to draft responses to new emails.

If EmailTriager doesn't work for me how do I remove it? Will my Gmail be affected?

You can remove EmailTriager at any time by deleting it from the console. Your Gmail account will not be affected in any way once EmailTriager is removed.

Privacy & Security

We take your privacy and security very seriously. To train EmailTriager, we need to read your emails. But, we don't save or store any email read during training. Everything EmailTriager needs to draft emails is stored in the Knowledge Base that is created during training. You can view and delete this Knowledge Base at any time.

Don't take our word for it.